Disinfectant Fogger 

Disinfectant Fogger`s are used across the world for disinfecting, deep cleaning and sanitising as well as for pest and disease control. Its easy-to-use, portable design makes it essential equipment for the no-fuss disinfecting, deep cleaning and sanitising of a huge range of facilities such as offices, hospitals, schools, gyms, restaurants, bars and other public spaces. Transport cars, vans, hgv, buses, trains, boats.

                    What is disinfectant fogging and how does disinfectant fogging work?

Disinfectant fogging machines create a super-fine mist or fog comprised of tiny droplets containing chemicals such as disinfecting products. The benefit of using a mist or fog to disinfect against viruses and bacteria is that it can attack them both in the air and on surfaces. Additionally, the fine droplets can reach hard-to-access objects and areas, thus providing a much fuller and more comprehensive coverage than manual or other cleaning methods alone.  

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